A student requests assistance from the 金融援助 Office by completing the following steps.

The same financial aid steps apply whether you will be attending the 加州 campus or the 新英格兰 campus. Thomas Aquinas College has a single 金融援助 Office that processes all of the financial aid applications for both campuses. 那个办公室位于加州校园. Financial aid is processed in the same manner for both campuses.

(International students have different forms to complete than students from the U.S.  请参阅我们的网页 国际学生 了解更多信息).

作为第一步,要有条理. Be sure you and your parents have your financial documents at hand, 包括您的2021年联邦纳税申报表, 2021年w -2或其他工资报表, 银行帐户结余, 等. You will need this information as you complete the following steps.


1. 完成2023-24年FAFSA

完成 免费申请联邦学生资助 (FAFSA)网上查询 2023年3月2日*. The FAFSA is used to determine a student's eligibility for federal and state grants and federal loans. 这也是所有美国人的要求.S. citizens and permanent residents seeking institutional aid from the College. Both the 加州 campus and the 新英格兰 campus use the same school code on the FAFSA (023580).

Thomas Aquinas College requires that parental financial information be included on the FAFSA not only for dependent students but also for independent students, unless the Director of 金融援助 has specifically instructed otherwise.

Additional resources that provide more information about the FAFSA can be found on our 表格及刊物 网页.


2. 完成 2023-24 保密经济援助申请

完成BG电子课程 保密经济援助申请 (业内人士) 2023年3月2日*.

The 保密经济援助申请 (CFAA) is Thomas Aquinas College's own application for students from the U.S. seeking need-based institutional aid (work-study and grant aid provided by the College). After completing the CFAA, you will need to upload the document through the 金融援助 Office's 安全的文件上传门户.

The 保密经济援助申请 replaces the CSS Profile that was used in prior years.


3. 应用 for the Cal Grant by 2023年3月2日* (加州 residents only)

加州 residents may be eligible for a $9,358 Cal Grant award. The application filing deadline is 2023年3月2日 (postmark deadline). 尽早提交文件,以便有时间纠正任何问题. 申请加州助学金需要两种形式 Cal Grant GPA验证表 和一个 2023 - 24 FAFSA. (If your high school submits your GPA directly to the 加州 学生 援助 Commission on your behalf, you do not have to complete a Cal Grant GPA验证表.)

如果你现在有卡尔·格兰特, there is no need to submit a new GPA form to renew your Cal Grant; you 必须, 然而, 提交FAFSA以证明您的持续需求.

新生和返校的二年级学生 in 2023-24:  Since you have fewer than 24 college credits from Thomas Aquinas College as of March 2023, you 必须 submit a high school GPA or a qualifying GPA from a prior college. 有些学校会用电子方式为你办理. Check with your school to see if they will be submitting your GPA for you.

在家上学的学生:看 如何申请加州助学金 to see whether you need to submit a test score report in lieu of a GPA.

大三学生和大四学生 in 2023-24:  Since you have more than 24 college credits as of March 2023, Thomas Aquinas College will submit your college GPA electronically on your behalf by 2023年3月2日.

不确定你的GPA有没有提交? The status of your Cal Grant application can be checked at 学生网上助学金.

问题? 看到 如何申请加州助学金 for more information or contact the 金融援助 Office at Thomas Aquinas College. 我们很乐意帮助你.

Massachusetts residents are not eligible to receive a MassGrant at our Northfield campus, but if a Massachusetts resident would have been eligible for a MassGrant, it is likely that his need-based aid from Thomas Aquinas College will fill any need that would been filled by the MassGrant.

*  *  *

无监护权的家长: If a student’s parents have separated or divorced, the noncustodial parent 必须 complete a 非托管父母声明(NPS) by 2023年3月2日 and upload a signed copy of the noncustodial parent's 2021 federal tax return with all schedules and W-2s through the 金融援助 Office's 安全的文件上传门户.

If an international student’s parents are separated or divorced the noncustodial parent would complete a 非托管CSS配置文件 并提交2021年的纳税信息.


其他信息: The College may require additional information of applicants, such as a copy of the parents' and student's 2021 federal tax return(s) and W-2s to satisfy verification requirements of state or federal agencies or to clarify unusual circumstances. You will be notified if this sort of additional documentation is needed.


*新生入学截止日期: Incoming freshmen 必须 submit the FAFSA and CFAA any other paperwork by 2023年3月2日, 或验收后15天, 以较晚的为准. 然而,所有加州居民, 必须 完成FAFSA和 Cal Grant GPA验证表 by 2023年3月2日为了获得卡尔·格兰特奖的考虑. 这是卡尔·格兰特的最后期限.